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The Best Green Vehicles for Your Money

Today’s auto market focuses on delivering energy efficient vehicles to consumers that are conscious about a personal budget and the global environment. Unfortunately, many hybrid vehicle models still remain quite expensive when compared to similar non-hybrid trims. Additionally, 100 percent electric cars are even more expensive than some hybrid models. Consumers that cannot afford hybrid of electric vehicle simply go for other green options such as cars with great gas mileage.

These days, many compact and sedan models can get close to 40 miles per Read more »

Xeriscaping: Green Yards that Use Less Water

It is possible to have a green yard and a green lifestyle at the same time. While many yards are environmentally damaging, smart homeowners can turn their yards into beautiful landscapes while also protecting the environment.

To begin, it is important to understand why many yards are so harmful. Home builders often tear out native habitats and replace them with detrimental nonnative plants. The popular St. Augustine grass, for example, requires massive amounts of water and frequent fertilizing. In the end, the landscape is useless for wildlife, wasteful of water resources, and a Read more »

Are Organic Foods Really Worth the Extra Money?

Food shoppers today are more aware of their choices when it comes to selecting healthy groceries. They do not want food that is chemically treated or produced in a questionable manner. The fear that they will eat something unhealthy has prompted many people to buy organic grocery products. The organic food movement has grown significantly in the past few years. Many national chain grocery stores now offer organic food sections to satisfy this demand.

Many health experts agree that commercially produced food can be Read more »

Why Going Green Means Going Local

When you are invested in making sure that you are living as green as possible, take a moment to learn more about eating and buying local. You already know that buying locally allows you to keep money in your community, but have you thought about the environmental issues as well?

In the first place, when you are buying locally, you are reducing your fossil fuel impact. The fruits and vegetables that come from distant places all need to be shipped. This means that every piece of food contributes to Read more »

Save Money and Energy in 5 Simple Steps

Save money and help the planet at the same time when you go green. Over time, your conservation efforts can pay off in a big way. Help preserve stability in the ecosystem and save money on your monthly energy and water bills at the same tme. Follow these simple steps to save money and reduce your family’s environmental impact.
Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Make it a habit to always flip the switch to OFF when you leave a room. Turn off lights and ceiling fans in unoccupied spaces. It can really add up to big savings on your energy bill.
Take shorter showers. Think of a long shower as a surefire way to dump money down the drain. Take shorter, more efficient showers, and don’t turn the temperature nozzle up so high in the winter. Super-hot water is not only more expensive, it dries out your skin. Eek!
Don’t heat and cool empty space. Get a programmable thermostat or manually set your HVAC to run less frequently when you’re not at home or overnight. When you get home, adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable level. Take advantage of perfect weather days and turn off the HVAC altogether. Open windows and let in the fresh air!
Wait until the dishwasher is full before you run it. Hand wash larger dishes, such as pots and pans, to make more room for the smaller dishes in the dishwasher. Use a detergent that is phosphate-free to keep from dumping toxic pollutants into the waterways. Conserve energy when you set your dishwasher to air dry instead of heated dry.
Find the best energy rates when you shop around. If you live in a region of the country, like certain areas of Texas, that has a deregulated energy market, you can save on your energy costs by shopping around. Check out sites like Energy Companies in Texas to find the best rates. You can even choose green energy alternatives to help reduce your carbon footprint!

The EPA: Are Current Regulations Enough?

In recent years, the Environmental Protection agency has established somewhat stricter regulations than they previously had. With the growing concern for our environment, this was welcomed news. The only problem with the situation is that regulations are all fine and good, but they still must be enforced. Several large corporations all over the world, look for loop holes and certain ways to circumvent the EPA. This is not to say that the EPA doesn’t catch on to some of these atrocities, but it can be a difficult task at Read more »

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Tips for a Greener Home

Living a greener lifestyle is easier than you might think. Taking a few simple small steps will eventually lead to bigger steps and greater changes that are better for the environment. Turning a home into a more eco-friendly household requires that everyone participate in some way.

Recycling extends beyond just plastic containers and metal cans, many areas also have recycling programs now that incorporate cardboard and paperboard boxes. Breaking down cereal and cracker boxes when they are empty and recycling them rather than throwing them out might seem like a small step but it truly Read more »

Make Your Own Reusable Grocery Tote

One of the easiest ways to live green is to make use of reusable grocery bags or totes. You can recycle some of the materials you have lying around your home, and avoid buying totes, by creating totes of your own design.
One way to make your very own tote is by using old denim trousers. First, cut them off just below the crotch. Then turn the remaining denim inside out and, using a strong thread, sew straight across the bottom from hip to hip. It may be prudent to include a second or even third line if Read more »

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Making the Switch

People who want to be environmentally friendly and save themselves on excess electricity costs have been switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs use less energy then conventional bulbs and they provide a bright white light that can add illumination to any room of the home. Fluorescent light bulbs can easily replace traditional bulbs and most people become quite pleased when they realize these lights last a very long time.

individuals who wish Read more »

How to Choose the Best Compost Bin

So, you have decided to go green! You are recycling, using green products and you even made your own rain barrel for watering your plants. All that you have left to tackle, is the compost bin. Oh so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? Open or not open? Do you really need a tumbler? Choosing a compost bin does not have to be confusing or expensive. To find the right option for you just look at Read more »